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GraphQL requests ain't no magic

How to evaluate a graphql query with a simple POST request

If I have the choice between requesting data via a REST API or a GraphQL API I perceive the REST API as the simpler option. The one that causes fewer headaches. But I'm pretty sure that's mainly because I have the impression that requesting data from a GraphQL API requires a library. And to be honest, I haven't looked at the source code of ApolloClient or any other GraphQL client. So I assume it must be complex.

In this post I have challenged myself to prove that I don't necessarily need a library to make a GraphQL request.

No magic involved 🧙

For this example I'm fetching data from the free countries API.

I started by importing axios as my HTTP request library of choice. You can also use fetch or https. Whatever suits your needs, will do.

Next we provide the url for the POST request, which is simply the graphql endpoint of the API. In this case https://countries.trevorblades.com/graphql. Other than that the POST request expects up to 3 properties passed as a JSON object.

  • query: Our GraphQL query as a string with all the desired variables and fields
  • variables: [Optional] In case you have variables in your query, you need to provide their value here as a JSON object
  • operationName: [Optional] Even though it's optional, it helps to identify your operations if they fail on the server
import axios from "axios";

async function getCountryData(code: "DE"|"NL"|"US"|"BR"|"BF"){
 const response = await axios.post("https://countries.trevorblades.com/graphql", {
  operationName: "CoolCountryOperation",
  query: `query CoolCountryOperation($code: ID!) {
  country(code: $code) {
    languages {
variables: {code: code}
return response?.data;


And as you can see in the Replit below, that's it!

Just by providing these basic properties, the POST requests returns your queried data without an additional library.🥳

If you want to know more about this check-out the blog post by Brian Rinaldi on StepZen.com.