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Analytics on the edge

Building site analytics with netlify edge functions and notion

I needed a simple page view counter for idkshite.com. (built with next.js) This is how I ended up building a rudimentary analytics solution with netlify edgde functions and notion.

🧗 Getting started with netlify edge functions

First I created your function file in the netlify/edge-functions path as netlify/edge-functions/pageview.ts In the /netlify.toml I defined the path by which the function is triggered.

path = "/*"
function = "pageview"

In our case the function should track every initial pageview. Therefore it need to run on all paths.("/*")

Then I added a function to pageview.ts and exported it as default. This is the minimum requirement for an edge function. Your default exported function receives a request: Requestand context: Context object that you can use to manipulate and extend your response. In our case we will just call context.next() to return the page that was requested in the first place.

📯 Sending request context to notion

But before this, we send the requests Path, Date.now, the environment ("local" or "prod") and Country and City from the context object to a notion database. Before adding any of the below code into your local IDE/Editor, I would recommend installing a deno plugin to prevent funky error messages.

Netlify runs their edge functions in the deno runtime environment which has some syntactical differences to your average off-the-shelve typescript. For the same reasons I also excluded the entire /netlify folder from the typescript compilation process because the ts-compiler can't deal with deno code.The deno runtime environment can natively run typescript, so no compilation needed for now.

"exclude": [

I installed the netlify cli with npm install netlify-cli -g to run the edge-functions locally. Run netlify dev --edgeInspect= to try out your edge functions together with your next.js app. --edgeInspect= allows you to see logs of the local edge functions.

🤔 netlify dev launches your webapp with edge functions available, but how and what are they doing it exactly? Maybe that's the topic for a future post

In the end I get something like this inside my notion database.

Notion Database containing page views

In this example I grouped all database items by Path and filtered out the lines where Environment !== Prod.

Right now this solution still has some shortcomings.

  • It will count every request as a hit, even if it's all coming from the same IP-Address
  • Once you're on the page, subsequent clicks on internal links will not be tracked because they are filtered out inside the edge function (for now)
  • I basically only get hit-counts but no user journeys or bounce rates etc...

This is by no means competition for "Google Analytics" or Netlify's own Edge based analytics solution, but it shows that analytics isn't magic. 🪄 It's just well combined pieces of data. 🤖