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Write your own global fish aliases

Harness fish-shell aliases to run global commands on your terminal

Sometimes I see myself typing the same command + parameters combination over and over as if they should be the default behaviour for the command.

For me ls -a is such a candidate. The -a flag includes files and directories starting with "." into the list command. Most of the time when I use the terminal I also interact with code. Therefor I want to see all code related files (including files like .gitignore).

🐡 Define an alias with fish

With fish it's a breeze to define an alias. I opened ~/.config/fish/config.fish (create one if it doesn't exist yet).

Then I added the line alias ls="ls -a" to replace ls with ls -a.

No worries, you can still pass any additional argument to your ls alias.

Make your life easier with aliases